The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Sunday Catch Up

Not sure where the last five or six weeks have gone. I didn't mean to stay away from the blog, I guess things just got busy and before I knew it, quite some time had passed. I can't even remember everything that has happened, so below are just a few of the goings on.

Megan attends an Agricultural college and is doing the agricultural course (rather than trades or mechanics), but every so often they have to spend a certain amount of time doing parts of the other courses. Above is the metalwork she made for me in trades. I love it and think she did a brilliant job.

At the end of September I finally managed to find a white manual car within budget for Megan as her first car. I had heaps of trouble trying to find one. I was looking for white or light coloured (I just prefer that as it is more visible on the road), manual (found so many automatics, manuals are becoming harder to come by) and in budget and in good condition. Was so happy when we got this one. We were starting to run out of time as Megan had her driving test booked for mid October (which she passed yay!) I have always had manual cars until my latest one, so I didn't plan that very well. All worked out well in the end though as both Megan and I are happy with this car and it's a great little car to drive. So she has now passed her practical driving test and is on phase 2 of her L's.

My gorgeous boy BJ has been slowed down a bit this week. Last Saturday I noticed a lump in the top corner of his eye. First thing Monday I rang the vet and she thought it might be a grass seed, so we drove the 100klm round trip to the vet, but it wasn't a grass seed, but she thought it was a cyst. So she told me to take him back in Tuesday to have it removed. When I picked him later that afternoon, the vet said it was a tumour. That was my gut feeling all along. It is gone now and he has a couple of stitches which need to come out after 10 days. the vet said because he is getting old now, the chances are it may come back or he may get another one somewhere, I really hope it doesn't come back and that we don't find anymore.

We have cherries yippee!!

We have mulberries too.
Lots of mulberries!
We won't be eating any of them this year though, as the local shire has been fogging
for the mozzies which are in plague numbers. They have been fogging along our
back alley each evening and the chemical fog comes over the back fence and
lands on the mulberry tree. Not happy.

Not sure why, but the last week or so we have had so many crows visiting our yard.

The roses are looking beautiful and full of so many buds.
This one is Apricot Nectar.

Double Delight.

All the bottlebrush shrubs are covered in masses of flowers.
And the bees are going bonkers over the flowers.

This foxglove is planted out near the washing line and is so pretty
to look at while I am pegging out the washing.

The snapdragons just keep on flowering!

Time to go and bring the washing in and cook tonight's tea, yummy nachos and salad. Then I think I will try and google what the best type of smoothies are to help reduce inflammation as I have have been having lots of problems with swollen and sore joints in my shoulders, elbows, hands, knees and feet. It is leaving me feeling really blah and makes doing anything, less than enjoyable.


  1. I love that metalwork, its gorgeous!

    Just an idea - When my joints were really bad, I found that completely cutting out the Solanum genus for a while made a huge difference. It was annoying because potato flour and chilli powder are in so many things. Once I'd put some muscle on to support my joints, I was able to very slowly reintegrate them.

    1. Thanks Mishi, I love the metalwork Megan made for me.

      Cutting out foods in the Solanum family would probably be a good idea, I had to do that once before. It is so hard though as we eat lots of capsicums, tomatoes and potatoes. I think on the whole I really need to start watching what I am eating, as I know I have been making some really poor food choices lately. What happens though once you include them in your diet again, can you only tolerate them for a certain time before having to cut them out again? It is a viscious circle too in regards to exercise, currently I am doing zilch as it hurts too much, but you need to exercise to support your bones and muscles as well as for all the other health benefits. Thanks for your suggestion, I will try cutting them out and see if it does make a difference.

    2. I've been able to tolerate them since then - it's been nearly 10 years now and my joints are much better than they were. I do decrease my intake when I'm having more pain than usual, simply because it seems to help. I also found that swimming was the most helpful form of exercise for me, so it might be worth a shot.

    3. I was told recently by the Dr that swimming would a gentle form of exercise I should consider doing. I really don't like swimming and don't even own any bathers, but am determined that I will start soon as I know it would be really good for me. Thanks for taking the time to leave some suggestions for me :).


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