The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Vegetable garden progress 22/12/15

Knowing today was going to be stinking hot I went outside just after 6 this morning to water and cover up any vulnerable seedlings. So glad I did because it was a scorcher and tomorrow is predicted to be even hotter. Went out this evening to see how the garden fared and took a few photos while out there. Things are happening!!

The watermelon are growing :)
Currently there are four this size and a couple of smaller ones.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but we have zucchini at last!
At the moment about five little ones growing.

Also not pictured but which are producing really
well are the cucumbers, about ten on the vine, and
the first one should be ready to pick any day now.

The bush beans are doing well and I am picking 7-10 every second day
and there are plenty more flowers, so soon enough we will have
plenty more beans to enjoy. Planted out some tall growing bean seedlings
on the weekend when it was a little cooler, hoping they survive the next few days.

Another blurry photo - but we have tomatoes!!
These ones are the cherry tomatoes.

Still no fruit on the Mortgage Lifter, but lots of flowers.

The corn is growing and looking very healthy and now starting to flower.

In the laundry tub garden I have planted two capsicum seedlings.
I covered them with pots today to protect from the heat and
they look like they are doing well. Fingers crossed as I am missing
not being able to pick capsicums. Normally I have been able to keep at
least one plant going over winter and by late spring we are picking the first
capsicums. But sadly that didn't happen this year.

The old laundry tub garden (which really needs painting).
I am debating whether to paint it the dark colour like the wall behind
or do I paint it a bright colourful colour?

Some of the Dahlia's are planted around the laundry tub
and this gorgeous one is about to burst into bloom.

I had a day off today so after spending the morning watering and tending to
the garden I drove over to our neighbouring town to finish off
the last of the Christmas shopping and I came home to these lovely
flowers that had been delivered. Feeling very spoilt.

When I was out in the garden this morning I snacked on the very last of our blueberries, a couple of strawberries, some beans, a couple of plums and a couple of peaches. That's what it's all about, nothing better than being able to eat healthy delicious food that you have grown straight out of your garden.

All in all the small harvest today was made up of five blueberries, eight plums, half a dozen peaches, seven beans, three strawberries and nine eggs from the chooks who have all settled in well. Small harvest but lots more to look forward to.

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