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Monday, 8 July 2013

An Overnight Trip To The City Pt 1 (Thursday)

Last Thursday I took a trip up to the city. I had two specialist appointments on the Thursday and was staying overnight so that I could pick Megan up Friday afternoon at the completion of  the  Country Week Games, which had been held throughout the week. Megan had been competing in the girls basketball team. They made it through to the finals and ended up in fifth place overall.

It was a bright blue sky sunny kind of day. Not very warm though. I didn't really take any photos throughout the day of getting from one side of Perth to the other for the appointments and trying to find somewhere in between to eat. So all the photos below are taken between 5 - 5.30pm at Kings Park. Not the greatest time with the low light levels.

peak hour traffic on the freeway 

Narrows Bridge
This Boab Tree has a story to tell. Back in July 2008 it was transported on the back of a truck 3,200km from Telegraph Creek in our Kimberley region to it's final home at the botanic gardens in Kings Park. It is estimated to be around 750 years old and it was the longest land journey of a tree of this size in history. The boab had to be moved to make way for construction of a new bridge on the Great Northern Highway.

The holes or gouges you can see in the above photo are from when the boab was transported by being tied onto the back of the truck. The boab was featured on a gardening program on tv recently and they said that the tree is doing well and repairing itself, that is also what the signs erected near the boab say. I certainly hope this grand old boab tree is here for many many years to come. What a story this boab has!


The entry onto the Lottery west Federation Walkway. This walkway consists of about 620 metres in length with a 52 metre glass and steel bridge suspended amongst the canopy of tall eucalyptus trees.
It was opened in August 2003 and is a popular attraction. 
Footbridge from the old Swan Brewery building which has been turned into upmarket apartments. The footbridge goes over the top of Mounts Bay Road to Jacob's Ladder. Not for the faint hearted! Jacob's Ladder is a steep 43 metre descent down 300 steps. One day when I am fit... 
 Fraser Avenue lined with lemon scented gums.
We are so lucky here in Perth to have Kings Park, it truly is a beautiful part of our city. The park has a total area of approximately 400.6 hectares, which is adjacent to our beautiful Swan River and only 1.5km from our central business district. Which makes it a popular place for all those city office workers during their lunch breaks.
About two thirds of the park is natural bushland which contains about 319 species of native plants and around eighty different species of birds. The rest of the park is cultivated gardens and grassy recreational areas, plus a couple of fantastic children's natural playgrounds. Kings Park is well worth a visit!
I will be back tomorrow with some photos taken on Friday. 

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