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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Flowers from Kings Park

I didn't mean to stay away from the blog for so long, but life got very busy for awhile there. We had school holidays, had two day trips to Albany and back for Megan's ball dress, a day trip to Perth for an MRI and a day trip to Bunbury for another cortisone injection in my shoulder. All really long days, plus on the days we didn't have to do all this driving I was unfortunately at work. So the school holidays weren't really much fun.

Anyway I have finally got around to uploading some of the photos I took of the flowers at Kings Park.
I was a bit too early to see the majority of wildflowers as the season usually starts towards the end of August I think. I was hoping to see some Kangaroo Paws, but missed out. I have been to Kings Park years ago during the peak wildflower season and it truly is well worth visiting. So below are just a handful of our gorgeous native species.

The above two flowers are Verticordia Chrysantha
or commonly known as Featherflower.

I can't remember the name of this one, although I had an idea
it was related to the boronia.

A few different varieties of Banksia
I remember reading that there are 76 species of banksia nationally
and 62 of those are endemic to Western Australia.

I was fascinated with this plant, it was situated in a small roundabout
and was a fairly non descript looking bush apart from the
amazing flowers!
I couldn't get over how the flowers actually looked like a tiny bird
with a long beak feeding off the plant.
I have no idea what this plant is called, but I am trying to find out.

Just another pic of the gorgeous lemon scented gums.
These gums which are over a hundred years old line
Frazer Avenue and are a beautiful sight.
At certain times of the year they are lit up at night
sometimes with different coloured lights for awareness
about different causes.

Western Australia is so lucky to have the beautiful Kings Park botanic garden right on the doorstep of the city. Something to be treasured and enjoyed for sure.

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