The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wet, wooly and wild

The post title pretty much sums up what the weather is like today. The exact opposite of yesterday where the sun shone and it was quite warm. What a difference a day can make!

The whole garden is waking up and flowering like crazy. Not much is happening in the vege garden yet, it is all about the flower gardens and the fruit trees.

So happy to see the cherry tree finally starting to bloom, pretty much all the other fruit trees have finished and this is the last one. The flowers look so delicate. I have my fingers crossed we have better luck this season as we only had four cherries last season.

Seeing the apricots made me very happy too!
I think they are my favourite summer fruit.

I got such a shock yesterday when I found this flower on the passionfruit vine. I had been thinking recently about ripping the vine out as it appears to only be rootstock. We had a stray dog here not long after I had planted the vine and she had chewed the main stem quite badly, to the point I didn't think it had survived. Quite awhile later I noticed it starting to shoot, but it just went straight up the fence and then twined all the way along the top. To me it didn't look right it just looked like rootstock, hence why i thought I would pull it out and then a couple of weeks ago I noticed what looked like buds but wasn't really sure and then yesterday the flower!! Does anyone know if it will come to anything?

The flower buds! It's like this all the way along the fence. If these flowers were to go on to produce passionfruit, then we would end up with a reasonable crop. I have my fingers crossed!!

Lastly handsome Harry
I was snapping a few photos the other day and managed to capture him mid-crow.

I was hoping to spend some time outside in the garden this weekend especially as we have a long weekend, but not much if anything will be accomplished out there today. Maybe tomorrow might be a better day. Think i might go and make another quiche seen as we have an abundance of eggs at the moment. The chooks have been very busy :)


  1. Wild and wooly here today, not wet but a hot 35C degrees and the whole house is shaking and rattling with the wind. Welcome to Spring! I have been out and watered the veggies in preparation for the horrid day :)

    Great shot of Harry crowing, he is a handsome boy.


  2. Wow, 35C already, I certainly don't envy you Tania! Hope your veggies came through okay :) The wind really is horrid isn't it? We seem to have had so many very windy days so far this spring. Haha yes Harry knows he is a handsome boy too, but the poor girls are not very fond of him, he's a little too amorous!


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