The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Friday, 13 February 2015

Time management

A collection of random photos taken over the last couple of weeks.

Just Joey looking a little worse for wear from the heat, but nonetheless still beautiful.

Stripes, such a hard life for some!

This mornings harvest from the vege garden.

Close up of the Trombocinno zucchini.

Jess always wanting to know where I am at all times.

Lots of tomatoes in the garden, unfortunately quite a few of them have been cooked on the vine
from all the hot weather we have been experiencing.

Smoke, there was lots of it last week from two huge bush fires burning in our Southwest and Great Southern. Eldest teen was in one of those towns threatened by the fires for work. I was so happy and
relieved to see her home again, it was an anxious week.

Went to visit my sister two weekends ago and witnessed the most stunning sunset. I got a little carried away and took about a hundred plus photos.

Billy, the youngest cat in the family. He always wants his two sisters to play, but they are getting a bit too old for his antics.

Just some pretty gum blossom in Mum and Dad's garden.

Well so much for being here at least twice a week. I think I must have a serious problem with time management. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day! I work (if you could call it that) seven days a week. It's not seven full days though, just an hour here, fifteen minutes there, half an hour on another day and then forty five minutes on another day. Some days it takes me longer to get dressed in my uniform than it does to go and do the actual job.

It is so frustrating. Don't get me wrong I am thankful that I have work at all, but it really is a complete pain being spread out like that over seven days. If I want to go somewhere, just say for instance I have an appointment with the osteopath, it's a five hundred kilometre round trip. So it's all day, which means I have to take a day off, but taking a day off might mean I'm only missing out on a half hour or at the most an hour job. But because I only work so few hours I need those hours, so it just keeps me tied here. The photos above of the sunset were taken a couple of weekends ago. I worked on the Friday morning, travelled to the osteopath late afternoon and after leaving there continued on another 50 kilometres down the road to stay at my sister's place as she has just bought a new house and I was really looking forward to seeing both my sister and the new house. It meant I didn't work the weekend, which is half an hour each day, financially the best two days to work, but also the hardest two days to get someone else to cover them.

What I am trying to get at is even though I work so few hours I just don't seem to be able to get half the things done that need to be done, let alone anything I might want to do such as a blog post. I feel guilty if I come on here when I know the floors need to be cleaned, or the dishes done or the bathroom cleaned. I have a large garden I can't keep up with. I wake up every morning feeling like I am behind the eightball, I just don't seem to be able to catch up. So far it has taken me three hours just trying to do this blogpost in between visitors, phone calls and text messages. Tea of a night time seems to be getting later and later. Something needs to change.

I know I am one person and that I can't do everything, but unfortunately everything needs to be done.
Part-time work, clean the house, gardening, cooking nutritious meals, looking and applying for other work, huge yard to look after and now part-time studies as well. I need a creative outlet too and blogging is what I want to do but it comes after everything else and suffers. 

I would love nothing more than to be able to stay home everyday and have a clean house, yummy and healthy meals on the table, time to spend in the garden and time for creativity, but it's not possible. Next best thing is if I could find work for three or even four days every week, set hours and days, that would be heaven. I have no idea why, but I seem to think I would be able to manage my time better.
Who knows, I think I would still probably be hopeless at time management!


  1. Such beautiful images. You captured that sunset to perfection.

    1. Thank you Kate, it was a pretty spectacular sunset :)


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