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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Ten On Ten :: August 2013

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month.
{Document a snapshot of your life and find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

Joining in with Rebekah for my first ten on ten.

My first coffee of the day and some vegemite on toast for breakfast.

We have had some beautiful much needed gentle soaking rain over the last
four or five days. With some heavier rain expected over the weekend, I
decided to pick a couple of the daffodils to put in a vase
on my dresser, as I didn't want to see them all ruined by the rain.
Couldn't bring myself to pick too many, as they look so
cheery when I look out the back door and see the pots of
daffs out there.

Seriously Mum, more photos.
I walked into the bedroom to find Billy curled up asleep.
He wasn't very impressed being woken up and he
doubly wasn't impressed having his photo taken - again!

Daniel had been cleaning the paddock up, we had a few tree limbs that had
come down in some recent wind. Not really sure what he was doing
here. He said this branch was the next one to come down the next
time we got some wind, so I think he was being pro-active and
trying to bring it down first, rather than it fall on our fence.
(which needs replacing anyway).

You can't do anything outside in the yard without Jess
coming to inspect what you are up to.
She always has to be in the thick of the action.
She definitely likes to know what is going on
at all times!

It has been a bit on the cold side today.
This was the highest it reached all day.
Glad to come home to a warm fire.

Megan had a netball game this afternoon.
She was tired by the end of it, as first up
she had to umpire a game, and then she
played all four quarters.
The girls lost, but it was probably one of their
better games. They are getting better and
better each week.

Everywhere you look around here, it is just a sea of yellow.
I can't believe how many paddocks are
planted out with canola.

With a break in the rain, I went for a wander in the garden.
Good to see the bees were busy in the fruit trees.
An apple in this case.

With the rain we have been having I thought it was a good opportunity
for Megan to get in some driving on some of the local gravel roads.
I have taken her out on them in the dry, but felt it was important
for her to get a handle on how the rain changes the conditions of
a gravel road, and how easy it is to lose control.
She did really well out there, I have been really impressed with the
way she listens and always asks lots of questions.
Still it's nerve wracking having a child old enough to drive.
Now someone just needs to wash the car!!


  1. Lovely photos, the colour of the canola is beautiful!

    1. Thank you Monique, the canola is certainly yellow, but also on the pongy side!

  2. I do adore your cat photos especially the 'look' Billy gave you:) It sounds like you've been getting some cool weather where you are, it's been the opposite here which has been nice but I do love snuggling and enjoying the last moments of winter. The day my big girl starts to drive won't be too far away either, how does that happen so fast! Enjoy your weekend:)

    1. Thanks Catherine, I seem to get that 'look' from Billy quite often! I plan on enjoying the last of winter too, always my favourite season when I was a child. It is scary how quickly they grow up. That saying when they are young - the days are long but the years are short is so true.

  3. Life is busy with teens and animals too...have a lovely rest of the weekend.

    1. Hi Bron, yes life with teens and animals is always busy - sometimes I think it is the madhouse! But wouldn't change it for anything. Hope the rest of your weekend was good.

  4. I love your kitty photos! :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I love your kitty cat photos on your blog too and their lovely names :).

  5. that yellow is so pretty! I love the shot of the bee. And, good luck with your daughter's driving. It's worrisome.

    1. Yes aspiritofsimplicity the yellow is pretty, but stinky! Not sure why but I have a thing for taking photos of bees. It sure is a worry having a child old enough to drive, so many crazy drivers out there these days. Hope your weekend was good.

  6. beautiful photos, I particularly love the canola field!

    1. Thank you Leanne, the canola can look like a pale yellow through to an almost iridescent yellow depending on the light and there is certainly plenty of it around.

  7. Love your vintage canisters in the kitchen! :) Happy Tenth! Loved your set!

    1. Hi Krysta Nicole, I love my canisters too. They are a much nicer green than they show in the photo. Enjoyed my first ten on ten. So many great photos out there!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Angee, I'm glad I bought them.

  9. I had no idea canola grew in such a big beautiful yellow fields like that!

    1. Hi Meghan, and yep there must be thousands of acres of the canola growing around here.

  10. I love your kitchen canisters! And that incredible field of yellow!!

    1. Thank you, I love them too. Yes the yellow looks really good on the days where we have bright blue sky, it's very cheery looking.

  11. That sea of yellow looks AMAZING! Wow! Love the kitties too!

  12. Thanks Yvette, I wouldn't be without my cats, they are definitely part of the family.


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