The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. ~ Alfred Austin

Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Feeling very ho-hum today. Some big decisions that need to be made, are weighing heavily on my mind. Some I thought had been made, but it appears not. Arrived home from work around lunch-time and feeling pretty deflated, a walk around the garden seemed like a good idea. As it turned out, it wasn't the best idea. I knew there was a broccoli ready to be picked, which I thought we could have for tea tonight. So armed with a knife and the camera I went out to pick said broccoli.

Only to find the broccoli and cabbages are covered in yucky grey aphids. The blurry photo above only shows a small patch of the infestation. Horrible stuff. I have had problems with it in the past, but not this bad. Last winter was really good, it was the best winter vegie garden I have had yet. There was no grey aphids.
So why so bad this year? I have no idea. Needless to say I didn't pick the broccoli.

The poor beetroot are being smothered too, but in a different way. They have millions of carrots trying to overtake them. One time I couldn't get carrots to germinate, hmmm don't have that problem anymore. That is only a small section of them, where the cauliflowers are, there is gazillions of carrots in that spot. Speaking of cauliflowers, there are leaves, there are giant leaves. But no cauliflowers. Something is going on there too.

On a much happier note. The snow peas are finally starting to flower! Yay!! At least I will have one vegetable from the garden to eat. That's not true, there are two. The kale has been doing okay. Not great like it usually does, but okay. Okay enough that we can at least get enough for some meals from it.

Even the chooks didn't want to talk to me. Once they realised I had nothing in my hands for them, they all walked off. Never mind girls. You will have broccoli to eat, plenty of broccoli. And while you are at it you can eat the aphids too.

Today was supposed to be lots of blue sky and sunshine. Cold but sunny. It was this morning when I was at work. Now we have a grey overcast sky. Figures. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Now to figure out what to cook for tea tonight before I go next door for my weekly coffee and chat with my sprightly 93 year old neighbour. All I know is tea tonight won't include broccoli!!

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